I've started a new Kickstarter project!

With the music production of the "Second Virtual Conductor" album getting much closer to completion, I've decided to set up a Kickstarter page for those who would like to help me get the physical copies of the albums created and launched to the public! 

The target goal is £600 which will go towards the creation of the CDs, commissioning an artist/photographer for artwork and organising a launch event for the album. Rewards for pledges ranges from getting your name into the album booklet to getting me to compose a composition to your own specifications!

  • Pledging £1 or more will get your name into the album's booklet under the Kickstarter's page.
  • Pledging £8 or more will get you the "Second Virtual Conductor CD" once ready to launch.
  • Pledging £16 or more will get you my previous album and EP works on CD, "Bonhoga" and "La Mariposa".
  • Pledging £80 or more, I will compose for you a piano composition to your specifications!
  • And lastly, pledging £160 or more, I will compose for you an orchestral composition to your specifications!


Click here to Kickstart my project!

Your pledges would be very much appreciated and if you can, please share this post with others too! Hope that you can help out and thanks for reading this message. :)

New album project - The Spatial Suite!

I'd like to announce a brand new album project which will be featured along with Pianissimo and the Second Virtual Conductor album! This new project will be an orchestral 4 to 5 track extended play consisting of orchestral compositions inspired by outer space imagery. I already have the first movement called "The Celestial Star Way" uploaded onto Soundcloud. Have a listen here: