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About Eamonn Watt / The Virtual Conductor



My name is Eamonn Watt, aka "The Virtual Conductor" and I'm the one and only composer for Virtually Conducted Productions! I'm 25 years old and I live in the Shetland Islands, the most northern isles of the UK. I have received a First Class Applied Music Degree from the University of the Highlands and Islands in August 2016 . Along with composition, I teach drums all around the Shetland Islands. I've performed in rock bands, heavy metal bands, funk bands and traditional Scottish music sessions.

I started making compositions during my last years in high school in 2010 and became fully realised in 2012 during my first year in college where I created my debut virtual classical album, Bonhoga. I successfully launched this album at the Bonhoga Gallery where it received high amounts of acclaim from music fans ranging from classical music lovers to heavy metal enthusiasts.

When I go about composing music, one of my common compositional techniques is to think of any kind of image and then using this image as inspiration for the music. An example of this is The Witches' Brew from by debut album, Bonhoga. This piece is inspired by two witches making a brew and the magical effects of each ingredient added to this brew. I also think about what tone I should make the composition: whether or not it should be a comical composition, an emotional composition, a serious composition or any other kind of mood.

Enjoying the music?

Please consider donating to help me continue on my never-ending musical quest to create as much music as possible! Your support helps pay for maintenance for equipment, acquire new virtual instruments to create new compositions in different styles and pays for distribution costs for iTunes, Spotify and Soundcloud.  Click the button below to donate!


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